Thanks to the team for diverse True Damage characters

Exactly as the title says. Thanks for giving the mega blockbuster skins to Ekko, Qiyana, and Senna this year. That's it, just wanted to give some appreciation here since it'll be drowned out on any other platform. And yes, I know Ekko is a consistently good seller and Qiyana + Senna will rake in waifubux, but it's still nice to have a major skin line have multiple PoC in it. --------------EDIT---------------------- Since the school youth are getting mad, here's the list of all the major skins in 2019 so far. And yes, High Noon Lucian was a skin that came out in **2018** Here's been the big skins this year -Bewitching MF (Prestige'd) -High Noon Ashe (Legendary) -Valiant Sword Riven (Prestige'd) -Prestige Star Guardian Neeko -Star Guardian Xayah (Legendary) -Star Guardian Rakan (Legendary) -Project Irelia (Prestige'd) **-Project Pyke (Legendary)** -Arcade Caitlyn (Prestige'd) -Battle Academia Lux (Prestige'd) -Battle Academia Ezreal (Legendary) -Prestige K/DA Evelynn -Galaxy Slayer Zed (Legendary) -Fuzzy Fizz (Prestige'd) -Prestige K/DA Ahri -Firecracker Vayne (Prestige'd) -Blood Moon Aatrox (Prestige'd) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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