The New Fiddlesticks Design

Let me just say this That looks fucking amazing! It stays close to the original Fiddlesticks and looks pretty terrifying. I don't even think Nocturne could top him with the uncanny valley of horror. I also love the way that he twitches, it's pretty unsettling. Which is why I like it! I just have a few questions: Why make Fiddlesticks semi-mechanical instead of wooden? Is there a reason to stray away from the wooden structure? Why the saw-blade on his shoulder? Does his elongated claw-arm play any part of his gameplay kit? Same thing goes for his scythe? Why keep the point-and-click status? What dance will he have knowing he has that kind of arm dragging behind him? How will the arm affect his skins? Has the champion theme been made yet? If not, may I recommend Sons of Perdition (they make death country music and they composed the music for the short: Backwater Gospel)? There's a lot I wanna ask, but I feel that you don't want to answer everything just yet. All I can say is keep up the good work! This is looking pretty gnarly!
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