Are Twisted Fate and Graves a couple

It's a pretty straight foward question, its been hited at heavilly for a long time but we've never had a riot official confirm or deny it. I guess Graves does refer to Twisted Fate as his partner, which at first you'd think 'partner in crime' untill you realise they were actually part of a group not just a duo act, so they wern't partners in that sense, so maybe he genuinly does mean 'partner' as in romantic partner? Its been about 9 years now these two have been in the game, it'd be nice to finally have some confirmation. Personally I think they are romantically involved, it fits, it makes Graves motivations for wanting revenge make more sense, betrayed by a friend is outch, but betrayed by your soulmate, OUCH! Edit: _Wow, seriously, whats with all the agression and downvotes, its' a genuine question because I'm interested in the characters and the relationship thats hinted between them. Why are people being rude to eachother and hostile, can we please play nice and act like adults._
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