Morde's LU will see some revisions.

Spideraxe on Twitter
Regarding Mordekaiser lore with his VGU, FauxSchizzle said they rebroke his character but do plan on preserving aspects of what Mordekaiser players perceive him to be
So a little late to make this news but when I saw it I figured it was still worth sharing and I wanted to rant a little about it. Honestly I wanted this to happen. Nothing fundamentally wrong with Mordekaiser's current lore but in the years since, things like world building and the general amount of lore exploration could mean old developments dont quite align with new. Where unforseen kinks need to be amended. Especially when the champ is to be reworked and the nature of new elaborate ideas being explored. ______ I want to ask Fauxschizzle- What might interest you the most about writing for Mordekaiser? You seemed to have a clear grasp on what you wanted to accomplish with Ezreal during his rework, what say you now with Mordekasier?
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