Will there ever be a big lore event again?

I'm not talking about another Versus event like the Riven vs Yasuo and Garen vs Darius events. I mean something like the Noxus vs Ionia main universe event thing. I imagine such an event might be difficult to plan out so that y the story of Runeterra doesn't end based on which ever side was paid the most money. But you could like hold the event that spans for x amount of time with a point system and which ever top 5 players has scored the most, in a chosen role they wanted i.e. Top, Mid, etc., get to represent their chosen side and fights on that sides behalf and can only choose champs from that faction. I'd love to see some kind of Void Invasion event or something or another Noxus vs Ionia rematch. Just wondering if you guys ever think or try to plan out such events or not.
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