Pulsefire Thresh Skin Base/Prestige Edition

Listen, Riot, I have been waiting for months now on what the new Thresh skin was gonna be and what the prestige version was gonna look like. I am somewhat a Thresh main and he is one of, if not my favorite champ and I have all the skins so far, and all the chroma for them too. Now, seeing this new skin (Pulsefire Thresh) i must say, i am a bit let down by the design, there are so many things off about it and i'm sure you've heard it all from the community. What id suggest, retract the skin, work on it some more, take all the time you need, i don't care, but please, don't make this go live. EVEN if you made one of the existing skins a prestige version instead of this one, it be cool too... I can tell you, this will be the first Thresh skin i don't plan to buy...
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