Who is ur favorite champion and why?

Over the time i have played league i have seen lots of champions that ppl love some i think are weird champions and why tf would ppl love them some ppl have played a champion for years and that champ is like a part of who they are there are the yasuo,zed,akali,irelia,kayn, and riven mains lol so with all the different champions with unique personalities and quirks out there who/what is ur favorite champion in the league cast? It could be referring to story,gameplay, or design ill give u mine My 3 favorite champions are {{champion:98}} - really fun to play and i love saving teammates with my ults and manipulating the blade, his story if just amazing a stoic ninja leader who leads a secret ninja clan in Ionia {{champion:555}} - recently picked up this guy and i really love his kit, its just really fun to use, his story not as good as shen's but cool nonetheless {{champion:223}}- the first support i picked up, the moment i selected tahm kench my life as a support main begun, i used to play this guy with my adc friend a lot and we won so many games together, in fact everyone in my group liked my tahm kench i saved a lot of friends from harm and this fatfish will always have a place in my heart
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