It's Hard To Reconcile J4's Character Now

It's weird to see the guy who, in the still standing lore, was warm and accepting to people who otherwise would have been ostracized by Demacia (most noteibly an outside/slave, a "low class" citizen, and a freakin' half-dragon) act like a genocidal bigot willing to approve the murder of small children because they have even the slightest potential of magical ability. I could buy him being horrifically merciless to anyone who willingly followed Sylas since they'd already cast their lot. But he also seemed like more the type who would try to reform the situation at home to make sure another Sylas was never created since he seemed to understand circumstance of birth did not mean a person was not due basic decency. Lux #5 just kinda feels like "Well, we decided Demacia is irredeemably evil now" so he's just making the policies of his ancestors even worse.
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