Was Nidalee born in Ixacoan ?

> No one knows how Nidalee came to be alone in the heart of the jungle. Dressed in little more than rags, the infant child sat alone on the leafy soil, her cries echoing between the trees. This is everything we know about her childhood, from her bio. Now that Ixtal was revealed and we know that's where she comes from, I would love to learn more about her infancy. Where was she born ? Why was she abandoned in the jungle and by whom ? Also, the mystery behind her lineage and her link to the Vastayashai'rei remains unsolved. > Even now, the dense forests remain the last truly untamed wilderness in the known world, and something of an enigma even to Nidalee. Still, in rare, quiet moments, the huntress finds herself dwelling on her own origins—and her encounter with the Kiilash—and whether she will learn the truth behind any of it… Finally, are we going to learn more about the Kiilash ? ~~Is it likely that a Kiilash champion will eventually join the League ?~~ Edit : Rengar is a Kiilash. Also, is it likely that a reptilian / lizardlike Vastaya (as seen in her short story) will eventually join the League ?

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