Bandle City Lore Update

I have fully realized the best way for Riot (who I hope is listening right this minute) to amplify the lore of bandle city. So for those of you veteran players, remember that massive Bilgewater event, story and VU to two of their champions? Yes? Then here is what I suggest you do either in 2020 or 2021 for Bandle City. Phase 1: update lore and story for some of the more popular yordle champions (I recognize Yuumi is recent but she isn't IN Bandle City or enhancing that place's lore. She is traveling doing her own thing.). I would start with Heimer, Tristana and maybe Poppy. Phase 2. A longer story that involves multiple characters we recognize. Follow this up with a location as a game mode/map for something like aram. The setting would be very whimsical, with bright colors, mushrooms and just very relaxing and upbeat. Phase 3: Release a new (female) yordle, possibly that deer character that was hinted at (or you could do this before the event). Also include some missions based on the story. Phase 4. Remember that one time Karthus and his crew rolled up into Bandle City and starting wrecking everything? I loved this. Show Yordles rising up to take down a major threat. I suggest maybe the void? I would kill to see Teemo, Gnar and Poppy beating up Kha'zix. At this point, update some of the older Yordles (Rumble and Corki for example) to bring them more in line with the current visuals for LoL and yordles in general, since most of them look more animalistic. Corki could still be a daring bombardier with a feline face and his neat handlebart mustache. Also Corki Corgi (one of the best skins ever) could turn Corki himself into a Corgi as well so its a Corgi riding a Corgi (Corgiception). Phase 5: Cinematic to conclude the story based on gameplay (using the setting of the new map). Add some gameplay involvement for other modes. Now I realized Riot is more focused on Ionia, Demacia and some of the bigger fights going on, with some Shurima stuff coming out soon. But aside from Bandle City having plenty of potential, as well as several champions that are commonly played, it is one of the few locations that deserves some major attention. I also suggest this (the above) because it would be fun. A lot of what is going on in Valoran right now is dark, serious stuff. While that is fun as well, I enjoy a balance between spooky, dark and heavy stuff like Mordekaiser, Sylas, and Swain stories, as well as silliness like Yuumi and Gnar. It makes me smile seeing Yuumi attach to Morde and making jokes while he is spouting off death threats and stuff. So, this is my plea. In case it's to wordy the TLDR is this: make a huge yordle/bandle city event with a new map, lore, stories, maybe new champ and a few VU to go along with it and enhance one of the best parts of LoL. If anyone has additional suggestions please feel free to add.
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