Coven Camille Splash Art isnt actually as thick as Camille is suppose to be (No Meme)

Camille is known for having some extremely wide and thick hips, this is mostly because of her robotic legs. However, in the new skin Coven Camille she has real legs above the knees. In game it keeps her proportions correct, with just making her real legs extremely thick, even thicker than Irelia's. BUT in the splash art it doesn't keep her exagerated leg size and instead tones it down majorly, and it's extremly disapointing how off the legs are proportionatly to Camille in the splash art. Camille hips in general and in this new skin is about 3x thicker than her waist. In the splash art she has a more Katarina figure and her hips are about 1.5/1.25 thicker than the hips. As a huge fan of thick women and Camille I find this very disappointing[]( that the splash art, one of my favorite parts about purchasing a skin, is so far off from the in game in terms of proportions.
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