Champions based on sub-factions

In light of the recent discussions of Ionia's over saturation and Reav3 teasing more lore champions to come, opposed to talking about named characters we'd like to see; Citheria, Tamara or Rafen. What about champions based on named sub-factions/ professions/ niche roles? **** For example, "Zed's apprentice/ Order of the Shadow disciple" used the be a very requested character niche and the "Darkin" being there are only 5 of them, are always requested. Killing 2 birds with one stone Riot fulfilled these 2 requests when they released {{champion:141}}, Zed's apprentice wielding the Darkin scythe Rhaast. **** In my opinion Demacia has the most potential for new champions, with sub-factions/ professions such as: the Dauntless Vanguard, Raptor Knights and Mageseekers. I'd like to see champions for each of these sub-factions within the Demacian lore. If League was solely based on Demacia majority of the champions would come from the Dauntless Vanguard, although {{champion:86}} is their leader, the Vanguard is Demacia's most elite warriors and a legend in their own right. _(Cithria cough cough)_ > Each member of the Vanguard is one of the most well trained soldiers in the Kingdom; they are all adept with multiple weapons and boast a wide knowledge of battle tactics and warfare. Each is a legend in their village or shire, but all of them seek to have their names known throughout the realm. A Raptor knight/ Silverwing scout would also be a nice addition to cavalry champions like {{champion:240}} and {{champion:113}}. The Mageseekers are an important part of Demacia's culture, Demacia is prejudice toward magic, however the Mageseekers represent the logic and rationale behind this prejudice rooted in the need to hide themselves from magic's danger. **** I would also like to see another Ascended champion. While we do already have a hand full of Ascended champions and the Darkin were even confirmed to be Fallen former Sunborn, it feels "off", that the only Ascended left are: {{champion:75}} due to self exile during the Darkin war, {{champion:58}} and {{champion:101}} who were sealed and the recently ascended {{champion:268}}. Ascended that did not participate in the war were left alone by Targon namely Nasus, whereas Ta'anri killed by Myisha as a consequence of his participation although he aided her in slaying some of his brethren. So what of Ascended who instead protected mortals from their Darkin brethren? Certainly there would not have been many of them, even less still alive, but not even a single one!? Alternatively to another self exiled Ascended or an Ascended that survived the Darkin war, with the return of Azir and Xerath potentially new Ascended warriors can be born depending of story developments later on in the lore. **** An Ursine champion and Frostguard Iceborn are 2 more I would love to see from Freljord. What are some sub-factions you are hoping get a champion or are expanded upon? Are you also excited for any I mentioned?
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