What League Universe Story would you like to listen to in audio format?

I came up with the idea recently to narrate Riot's stories. I haven't seen anyone attempt this yet, so, figured......why not? A friend and I are still working through things to make it all presentable, so, it might be some time before you see any kind of finished product, but, we do need a story to launch things off with. We're currently using Silence for the Damned (link below) as a means to just test things right now, but, if people would like to hear a different story narrated, feel free to suggest it! As for when the first video will be out......who knows. It's possible I may need to invest into a better mic if we want to commit to this (and that isn't saying much, since all I have is the mic that comes with my earbuds...........yeah, really low budget here). Anyway, hope I've caught your attention at least. Hope to see you soon with an actual story recorded! Silence for the Damned Universe Page: https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/silence-for-the-damned/
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