Kindred's Strange Tale

Kindred: Listen to Their Tale | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
"Lamb, tell me a story." Listen to Kindred's tale, and read more on the lore of League's newest champion here: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters - Champion Insights: Kindred - A Good Death - Kindred Q&A -
Many people like me a strange fascination with {{champion:203}} Kindred. There is one question that pops up with me: Is kindred evil? Yes, they are simply the incarnation of death. Lambs grants swift death to those who accept their fate, and wolf chases down those who run from it. But this line from "Forest for the Trees" sets me off. Here it is: “Again,” Wolf licked the last drop of the youth’s life from his canine jaws. “I want to chase again, little Lamb.” “There are always more,” she whispered. “Until the day there is only Kindred.” Are they searching to kill the entire population? Or are they simply fullfilling a duty? Were they created or summoned by someone to fullfill this duty? Also there is a suttle connection to Kindred and another Champion: {{champion:523}} Aphelios. "There was once a pale man with dark hair...." Aphelios is pale. Pale like...the moon. And Alune has a blueish glow like...the hidden faces of Kindred. Kindred once have been Aphelios and Alune? Crazy, i know, but the more i thought about it, the more it made sense....
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