Dunk master Ivern...

League of Legends DE on Twitter
PBE-Vorschau: Dunkmaster Ivern 🏀 https://t.co/HTOSeywTUl
This is a _cruel_ joke, right????!! Ivern is the last champion I would have put in this theme. I don't often hate skins but dear God why did this happen? Illaoi didn't get this theme cause you said she needed something serious for her first post release, and then you go and give it to Ivern?? He has a candy king skin that's in no way serious, so why is his second skin also in a less serious theme? Plus it's just unfitting. Oh and hextech j4 exists too I guess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCLlu1hRHfw&feature=youtu.be
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