Riot Screwed Evelynn again (KDA)

back when Bloodmoon Evelynn was released the community complained about its lack of quality and then they still released it, despite the complaints for a recolor or at least a chroma to take full advantage of the Beautiful bloodmoon line. They declined and did hardly anything at all to make this skin better. Now we have a different problem with riot cutting corners on KDA Evelynn's SFX. Hearing the brand new sound effects had me extremely excited for what they may do to her ulti and Q. Now I sit here disappointed once with Riots failure to give us a Skin that properly matches with the skin line it comes from. [Akali]( [Kai'Sa]( [Ahri]( All of their sound design is distinct and unique within their skill sets sure the auto attacks all sound the same (except kai'sa) but for the most part you feel like the skins were put in a large amount of effort. Now before I dig into Riot and Evelynn let me say I love the particle effects and model of this skin, this is only targeted at the sound design. Most of these videos you have to mainly listen to. [Now]( lets talk about my Favorite champ in the whole game Evelynn. The [Ult]( and [W]( sound great though I wish the Ulti didnt have her [ghoulish]( shout in it. Now for some real criticism the difference between [KDA Evelynn's Q]( and her [base skin Q]( is depressingly sad when compared to the amazing SFX design on the other KDA skins. To be fair the initial Q sounds fine, its the three Qs afterward that are lack luster. the sound effect of the Q hitting still sounds like the old skin, its hardly any different, in fact when I play the skin in game I hardly hear it. On top of that evelynn voice lines in where she lets out her [ghoulish shouts]( are also still present in this skin going over the Q making it even harder to listen to the brand new SFX work. Now I wouldn't be complaining about a problem without just trying to give a solution so here it is. I would make the old sound effect quieter than the new sound effect and give it a bit of an echo to match the KDA aesthetic, and of course remove the voice line from the Q activation. then the skin will retain its Identity without giving riot more than 30 minutes of work. Moving on to her E it shares a similar problem to to her Q in which the new sound effect is absolutely overpowered by her new one. So the [Base skin E]( compared to the [KDA E]( Her empowered E does have a sound effect, but no matter how many times I listen to the unempowered E I cant hear a single changed sound effect maybe there is one that I just cant hear but that just bring up the point of the old SFX still overpower the new ones. at this point in my post you get the Idea and I would just be echoing my points in the previous statement so lets jump to how I would fix this. Firstly like I stated about the Q I would make the Old SFX on the empowered E quieter while the new sound louder so it can be heard yet. As for the unempowered E if there isn't a sound effect then I would for sure just leave it as is, I don't want to make riots job harder, if there is one give it the same treatment as the empowered E. As a paying customer of Riot Games I feel as though this skin was created unfairly to the others in their skin line. I would also Talk about Blood Moon Evelynn some but [T B Skyen]( had already made a great video about it. Please watch it, its great. Lastly before I hit Post Discussion I want to let all of you know that I am not complaining just to complain, I am giving Riot a constructive feedback on how the skin presents it self in line with the rest of Its Sisters(the KDA line). If this problem gets fixed I would be very grateful. {{champion:28}} Edit: I found out Via the Evelynn mains subreddit that a rioter already had said this was a goal to fix her SFX issue with her Q and then we [never got it](
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