League champs through D&D classes and alignments

Sorry if this is the wrong discussion to post in, but I was curious on y'alls thoughts. Im a big D&D fan, and lately I've been getting more into it. Naturally, being a league lover as well, I find myself trying to import some league characters to D&D. A lot of champions have huge backgrounds and motives, and the skillset both in lore and in game has so much potential in DnD. Recently started a Ranger with a Lawful Evil alignment who is a demon hunter, who I noticed is basically Vayne and was curious is Vayne would be a lawful evil ranger as well. Which then led me to start thinking about other league champs as well. Would Rakan be a neutral good bard? Xayah a chaotic neutral rogue? Give me some of your guys' thoughts and examples.
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