Rioters put more than you'd think into making these skins. So cut them a break guys

I was casually checking in on MF mains when I came across a thread discussing Riot Stellari leaving her job after being unable to get over the disappointment some folks expressed towards GGMF. Many of us really like the skin, but the loudest voices tend to be the most brutal. The major issue was the severe animation limitations imposed as a result of GGMF's silhouette being so different from standard MF. They did as much as they could, and then some (Thanks for the custom theme song intro) within that limited design space. Stellari described how every skin afterwards felt like a personal mandate to make up for GGMF , from the KDA skins to True Damage Ekko. She has now moved on to a new passion, leaving the door open for a possible return to gaming in the future. **** Another thread came up over the new AAtrox ranked skin. A new Rioter was given the opportunity to design it and took to social media to exclaim her excitement. Many folks responded well, with encouraging words and useful feedback, but others attacked her for being inexperienced, despite the fact that the project went through many hands before reaching the final product. **** Rioters are people too. They do the best they can like any of us, so give them time to grow and learn and improve and don't forget to celebrate their successes. (and a little note from me: Thanks for the awesome True Damage Ekko, (as an MF main) GGMF is literally my most played skin since it came out and **please consider updating** {{champion:21}} base VO) {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}

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