After Kayle's visual update, do you realize who this game is now marketed to?

Are you a horny, immature straight male kid who would only play sexy women with absurd body proportions and doesn't care about variety? Are you someone who thinks a female character makes no sense unless she's primarily designed to be super-sexy? Are you someone who thinks a female character must always show her boobs, because if she's not showing her body and she's wearing armour, she should be a man? Are you someone who thinks a videogame who welcomes your login with with quasi-softcore porn splash arts is not insulting your intelligence? I have been calling this more than a year ago. I have seen Riot devolve into full sexism month after month. The same company which once made their mission to offer diversity and originality has now gone full circle to the most offensive sexism - to the point that the old school Riot which made Caytlin's outfit was more serious and mature. I haven't played this game for over a year, except for that one time my friends insisted I joined them. I wil insist with them even more strongly than I refuse to play League any more, if they want to play it again. This game is yelling very loudly "if you aren't twelve years old, if you aren't a straight male (or just as an added bonus a lesbian kid who's somehow very sexist), and if you aren't sexist, this game just isn't for you. You need to fill these categories". EDIT: when you downvote me, ask yourself why are you downvoting me. Do you feel unconfortable with this? Knowing you're playing something marketed at sexist kids?
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