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Okay, so I absolutely love that we have the tool of League Displays to get access to a lot of League's art, animated and still, in one convenient location in with great quality and resolution. I just have one request: **A way to sift through League's cinematic productions and get the same resolution of screenshot via polling or just on an individual basis.** Whoever chooses which screenshots from the different trailers and cinematics certainly chooses good scenes, but there are MANY with huge potential that just don't make into League Displays. For instance: when clicking on Lucian, he has ZERO scenes from the Senna reveal trailer Or the fact that when Miss Fortune and Ryze are escaping the ship in Ryze's cinematic, there're some okay shots, but personally I would have really liked to have a still of when Ryze has already lept off and MF has both her guns pointed outwards and her back foot raised on the perch from which she's about to jump. Or in Xayah and Rakan's cinematic I would love a shot of when Rakan has landed after knocking up Zed's guard and is posing. I understand League Displays is probably not at the top of the list of priorities or anything, but this bit of functionality would be really awesome as I love the how the program also makes it easy to use League content as our wallpapers and screensavers. Thanks!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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