There's really only one thing that I find disappointing about Sett (so far)

It's his lack of interactions. I mean, yes he does have them but only for champs from a specific region. Nothing that's direct to any specific champs. It's just feels lackluster. I mean he's a brawler champ that punches people. Why is there no interaction between him and {{champion:254}} or {{champion:64}} or {{champion:77}} . Why nothing against {{champion:39}} or {{champion:43}} since they're some of the biggest leaders in Ionia that he's trying to hide his business from? Or even {{champion:119}} since he's known to be an arena champ/entertainer?! Why nothing for him? It just feels like they had to rush his lines/dialogue to get him out on time for this release craze Riot has been going through (First Senna, today Aphelios, and now soon Sett). It just feels like Riot didn't want to put in the effort of making more specific interactions for him and to me that comes off as lazy and rushed. Considering how far Riot has come and what they've given to us in more recent years, I'm really disappointed in them.
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