Christmas 2019!

Of course I am stoked for the holiday season and part of that is the league skins and events for the Christmas Season. Here are my suggestions/hopes Map: bring back the winter map with holiday decor. It looks cool (pun absolutely intended) and I love the holiday feel. Its a winter wonderland. Event: have missions that are christmas based (have to use a winter themed champion or skin for a mission etc.) Skins: give skins to champs who havent had skins in a while. Also avoid skins for outdated visually bad champs (Zilean). Here are the champs who deserve Xmas skins: - Ornn - Skarner - Mordekaiser ( a christmas morde skin would be awesome) - Twisted Fate - Gangplank - Galio - Yuumi (literally one of my favorite champs as I love kitty) - Lucian and Senna - Alistar - Lissandra - Ashe - Khazix - Rengar - Warwick - Janna - Morgana - Kayle - Nasus - Renekton Champs who really shouldn't get any skins during Christmas (i don't wanna see even one of these champ, they are over exposed or have recent skins) - Yasuo - Yasuo - Yasuo - Jinx - Lux - Akali (i swear if i see a hint of Akali ill spontaneously combust) - Ezreal - Kaisa (literally most boring champ ever) - Jhin So while most of this is meant for humor (the three Yasuos etc.) these are my hopes. But now what about everyone else? What do yall hope to see for Christmas?
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