Draven powers and strengths

I don't wanna hurt any fellow Draven mains feelings but I think that Draven may be one of the weakest and powerless champion lore wide. Draven in game is badass. He has an infinite amount of axes, he can toss them to slow enemies and can literally hurl his axes into the ground and have them move in a target direction. However he cannot perform these acts in the lore. He only has two axes that he can easily lose, I don't recall his axes ever ricocheting back to him and he cannot hurl two axes into the ground. Not to mention that he cannot fight anything that is slightly stronger then him. This is evidenced in New Dawn cinematic in which he uses two axes in an attempt to kill Ahri, only to lose two of them and getting slaughtered by Rengar. Another instance is in the short story Whispering Doodad in which he literally has to track down his axe while his soldiers attack Tristana and Lulu. However Draven isn't that bad. He is super accurate with his axe throws, being able to hit targets from far distances, he has a general knowledge in close quarter combat with his axes and he is much stronger then a "Average fighter." Look I'm not hating on Draven as I main him and find him such a awesome champion in game and lore wise. But if you put him against Garen, Jax and even his own brother, He would get slaughtered. He just isn't as impressive as he is in game and I wish for him to be a cool lore champion, even if it means giving him some sort of magical powers that has something to do with his axes and such. If you wanna prove me wrong, just type it here. I'm open to everyone's points of view.
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