Diana, girl are you okay?

So why-why exactly is this happening? Was it really necessary to intertwine their lores? For…? Fan service? The easy way out? What's going on? So what exactly is going on? She is curious about the moon gets her in trouble frequently(Curious for science reasons this time) One day magically finds the cave that confirms her speculations about the sun and moon. Previously she was able to see it because of the magic she got with the climb. Now she just finds it one day. This super mysterious hidden cave. Okay. Happily, she returns “the sun and moon were not enemies after all!” Wait who said that? Then tells Leona, she shuts her down. But what are they hiding, she just everything with her two eyes but…What does she do?? Hmm up the mountain we go ~~because she has to get the powers somehow~~ Previously she was lured by the moon to climb up she was destined to be an aspect. She reaches the peak so does Leona. They fight, Diana before delivering the final blow, flees down the mountain. Wait this isn't fanfi-. She goes to the elders. They denounce her as a heretic, she gets angry ults and kills them. Previously she was sentenced to death and could not understand their rejection of the truth. Runs away with her half-remembered visions. Half, wait wasn't Leona just next to her, maybe... Oh well to Ionia she goes. From sense to nonsense…
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