The entire season we've been listening to the same login screen

After hearing the worlds song, i'm just... Disappointed, i guess. You stopped giving us flavorful, interesting login screens with amazing music, and then when we FINALLY get a new piece of music... This is it? Not only do the vocals sound super generic and boring, the music itself is basically repeating the exact same beat from the music we've been listening to ever since the season begun, and the Sylas' theme. I hope you'll reconsider your stance on login themes and screens. This year the gameplay of league has improved compared to the plunge it took after season 5, but the music has been extremely disappointing. Phoenix is just depressing, really. Towards the ending the song is decent at best. Compare it to ALL the songs of seasons past and it easily drops to the very bottom of that ladder. At least the music video is pretty cool, i guess.
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