Riot's obsession/saturation with the color gold needs to stop! Petition for Color diversity!

I mean it's just an observation but I feel as though very quickly too many chroma/prestige skins feel like an overall downgrade in terms of artistic choice. Just spitballing but go for silver, crystal, black , red or lightning yellow. These might all be popular Pokemon colors but they work for a reason. They grab attention and are memorable. I'd write a bit more but I think the message is clear. This Mono-color/ accent obsession that seems to be the trend as of late is killing the appeal of what otherwise could be rather impressive skins. I thought and was hoping it would kind of end with the KD/A skins. Prestige Firecracker skins? I mean it just seems feels largely unnecessary/unwanted It also I feel as though kind of well more or less offends the people who want quality art to flourish in League but don't really want to feel like their wallets are being attacked/exploited for that desire. If there were data to show otherwise that people were going to alternate between using the prestige and non-prestige versions of the skin I'd be interested.
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