Vladimir Legends of Runeterra Voice Interactions

Vladimir Legends of Runeterra Voice Interactions
Voice of Vladimir from Legends of Runeterra, property of Riot games
Alright so nobody would upload these so I gotta take matters into my own hands (+ big thanks to Synthic from the Vladmains discord) This is... honestly pretty good, I'm overjoyed that in the year of our Lord 2019 Vladimir the previously neglected ancient character got 3 minutes of interactive VO, and the delivery on some lines is gorgeous. It warms my heart how hard it nails the character in some lines. Thank you Riot this is just pure love and an honest and passionate attempt to do justice to the character. The video also contains other champs/units interacting with Vlad, and that's its own treasure. Like 60% of the lines are fancy and witty, 30% is the black metal scream of my dreams, 10% are pure sass and flamboyance, and I think that's a solid mix. I'll give a more detailed review later on, but for now I'm just happy. I've been told Riot FizzNChips is the author of this and I send him my gratitude and admiration.
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