Hecarim's Largely Unjustified Ego

Hecarim in Legends of Runeterra has lines that really cement his status as a big tough guy. He says badass stuff like "All the armor in the world won't save you" and "Crush the living, feast on the dead." The interactions he has with Kalista and Ledros especially drive that home with lines like "I killed you once. I'll do so again." and "Kalista. Are you here to return my spear?" for Kalista and "You can try, Ledros" when Ledros threatens to impale him. And yet in The Echoes Left Behind, he repeatedly gets dunked on by those exact people, on multiple occasions, _offscreen_. He's died to them both like a dozen times and we don't even see it happen, the story just mentions it. It does not mention Hecarim winning against either of them so much as once. Sure he's still scary if you're a run-of-the-mill Helmet Bro type, but Hecarim clearly overestimates how far his own hype extends.

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