New Aatrox banner wings feedback + questions

Hey there! I've been super keen to finally see what Aatrox's wings would look like since Reav3 announced they were in early exploration, so now that they're here and I've fired up the game to check them in game I thought I'd share some thoughts. A few notes and general thoughts: 1. Ctrl+2 bugs the wings, because the textures for the smaller ones won't disappear. I reflected this in pictures. **This does NOT happen in ult.** 2. Is it possible to add a fancy appear/disappear VFX? Right now they just appear out of nowhere and teleport back into oblivion. 3. The wings currently are buggy as hell, attaching to the ground and behaving like cloth that gets stuck anywhere post Q animations. 4. I have noticed that Aatrox has lost character inking in all his skins. I'd like to know if this has to do with the transparency of the "wings", since I know Kayn has it disabled because of his hair. **Ultimately I wouldn't like this removed as we have this on Live. Please.** 5. With the current state I see these wings, **while the idea is nice I'm not so sure the changes are worth it.** At least I'm not sure if these can make it for 8.14 if the issues above can't be solved out. I also understand that's asking for time that could be instead be invested in other champions, whether new or VGU. **BASE** The wings don't look bad because they are thought for the base. Color wise maybe the strongest "background" could be darker to emulate the color of darker blood, which the wings seem to be made of. **JUSTICAR** These are the ones that look the worst IMO. The wings for Justicar are 100% solid, so while the color scheme is fine they stuck out a lot. The shape for the wings are also the same as default instead of being adapted to the custom wings Justicar has, which results in a very, very nasty gap especially visible while in Attack position **MECHA** Besides the Ctrl+2 bug, these ones are 100% fine. They are custom and since they lack physics they're not bugging out like crazy. Me likey, this is the skin that ultimately gains more with this. **SEA HUNTER** This one has a nice idea behind and I've noticed the design is same as base but it's 100% transparent at the top so we don't see janky stuff (well thought guys). I'd dare say that perhaps these ones could start at a liiiiiiiittle lower point in the wings so they looked better integrated. Thanks for your time!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} (I'm crossing fingers the pictures show up fine)
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