Why have bulky armor when you're meant to fly, heal, and become invincible?

So, quite a few people on here aren't too fond of Kayle's new design, which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, I'd like you to think of something: Why would Kayle need heavy, bulky armor to hide who she is if she is an invincible, flying, healing seraphim? People are comparing her to Sammie, but Sammie has armor *for a reason*. When you're fighting aliens with weapons that could likely cut clean through your body without any problem whatsoever, it makes sense that you would need something to protect yourself. So, in this case, think of Kayle more like Superman, who hardly ever wears armor because he doesn't *need* it. The only time we really ever see him wear armor is to look more imposing than he already is. Kayle not wearing a full knight's suit of armor makes sense because she doesn't need it when she can heal her own wounds, and become *invincible*. Just some food for thought.
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