"I love Evelynn" appreciation post/comments/suggestions and all that stuff.

So just as the title suggest I really, really, really love Evelynn in terms of gameplay, design and everything else. No it's not because I'm the typical horny teenager, on the contrary I find Rakan more attractive then Eve. I'm definetly going to main her all the way just like Lux. I really could just go on and on about why she's amaizing but I'll do my best to summerise that: Design: -I love her splash art. It depicts her as this sexy and powerful succubus which really fits her character. Despite the fact that I do consider a champion like Kai'sa oversexualised, with Eve it's just a perfect fit in terms of design, lore and so on. -Her voice lines though provocative really fit her as well. I'm happy that Riot went this far with them just to make her character so fleshed out.. -I don't know why but I really like her tails/whips for some unknow reason, especially during the running animation just after spawning. -Gotta love her login screen . Skin Design: -Shadow and Tango Evelynn are just amaizing 10/10 -Safecracker is okay. I don't dislike it but I won't buy it OwO -Bloodmoon is a skin that had to grow on me but I love it now. -K/DA is love K/DA is life. My RP is waiting for the best Eve skin <3 -Masquerade is nice but I don't really want it that much. Gameplay: -I love her mechanics overall, she is the most assasin-like assasin to me and the only assasin I play due to that. -Her W is great, I love ganking the enemy from behind and watching them walk straight into me while Lust Dust is charging. -Her ult feels so smooth when you use it and I just love it when she says "Not yet hunny" after using it. -Her combo is really fluid. -I can't get enough of her shadow/demon model when she's roaming the map. -The sound effects on the K/DA skin (the W and ult mostly) make her so much more godly of a champ to play <3333333 Letdowns: -She doesn't use her tails during the autoattack animation but I know that's because she would have too much range then. -The car from the K/DA splash art isn't featured in her recall but then again I undestand why it isn't like that. -She can't gank that well pre level 6. Suggestions: -Give her a Snow Owl/Frozen Heart skin. A predator that lures its enemy and then freezes them to death. It could really fit the "frozen heart" motive and represent her power as in she doesn't love anyone. She's kind of emotionless and cold. She promises you love and devotion but then turns into a cold-blooded murderer. (I really want to see her in this white mask that looks like an owls "face"). -Make her Whiplash animation a bit more flashy. Summary: -I am gonna main the heck out of Evelynn. -Props to Riot for her great rework.
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