A hypothesis: If an apocalyptic event began in Runeterra a League of Legends would be formed

And no I'm not saying something like the institute of war back in the day, and no not every champ would be in the league However we already have a bunch of characters with 'foresight' {{champion:127}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:26}} etc etc. A few of them mainly {{champion:50}} or {{champion:127}} have knowledge of coming darkness and don't want it to be their downfall. Though {{champion:127}} might seek help for self-preservation to overcome say the watchers returning, {{champion:50}} is much more open minded and likely aware of both {{champion:82}} and the Void and the Darkin. Plus we also have {{champion:13}} , who if his Call to Power cinematic is 100% canon knows {{champion:21}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:48}} , and though I doubt the Troll King would directly aid Ryze in fighting for Runeterra if he we're threatened he would definitely fight in general. Plus we have some characters who would definitely rise up to fight for humanity {{champion:86}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:16}} And champions who would fight for their kind {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:517}} Champions who would likely see it as a chance for redemption {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:99}} Champions who would simply fight to fight {{champion:266}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:36}} etc etc So I'd guess if something world threatening arrived on Runeterra one day, we'd get the avengers in the formation of the League of legends (it would just be much smaller than the games full cast) What do you all think? (Edit (Disclaimer My lists are not all inclusive, there are more threats beyond that, and more Champions who would fight for the people as Yamada pointed out to me such as Blitzcrank, so if I missed anything please feel free to comment below)) (Link to the discussion on who would be involved in the formation of a League of Legends here> https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/WaHkOQvX-discussion-if-an-apocalyptic-event-on-runeterra-led-to-the-formation-of-a-league-of-legends )
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