Bring back the Groovy for Groovy Zilean please

Hello Riot Games and fellow players, I had purchased the Groovy Zilean skin many years ago, and have always been displeased with the changes that were made to the artwork. I believe this new skin makes him look too weird and manic instead of groovy. I apologize for waiting so long to say anything. I tried to accept it and move on, but I just can't. I understand that there are many artwork changes that occur on a regular basis, and for the most part I am 100% behind them. This one I do not agree with. I am not one to normally complain, but when I have put thousands of dollars into a game, hosted events and paid for RP for many of my friends, and even paid to send a professional team out to compete, I would hope that my voice can be heard. I know you guys care about your players, and I always try to do what I can to make the community better. I would like to petition to have the old artwork restored, at least for anyone who purchased it before the change. Much like the Nutcracko skin having the legacy look and the flair around it, I think this would be appropriate for the Groovy Zilean skin as well. Please, please help bring the Groovy back to Groovy Zilean! Best regards, Bancheis Fearless Leader of Nightlife Gaming
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