All voicelines!

I recently found out that the japanese version of Sett is going to be voiced by DIO from Jojo's bizarre adventure and naturally because I have an addiction towards that show and can be classed as a weaboo I really want to hear his voice ingame which got me thinking... Why cant rito add a setting that allows you to change the language of the voicelines? I don't see any downside to this other than perhaps adding a few mb to the game but you can make it optional and only accessible in the launcher as a replacement to get rid of that issue! ( changing it ingame would be pretty neat though .o. ( but perhaps not if ure playing on a potato I guess... ) ) I feel like this would just be a nice addition to the game which a lot of people will enjoy messing around with! So I hope rito considers this and if I've missed something feel free to respond to this or something.
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