So! We're getting more music themed skins this year, right? Well, who are some good contenders?

Now, while I don't personally own any KDA skins, nor really find their music something I'd listen to on a daily basis, we can all agree that Music skins are bloody great. They combined some cool genre tropes with fitting champions to create this awesome aesthetic that also comes with some baller music too. Like come one, Pentakill's music video serves as a permanent (mortal) reminder that music skinlines transcend the confinements of the game alone! Anyway, I'm digressing! Here are some of the skin themes and champions I think would work really well with 'em! ________________________________________ #80's Disco Flashy colours, outrageous fashion and some groovy music! Just watch Saturday Night fever to get the feel this kind of skinline would have! **Disco** {{champion:112}} Think about it. His Gravity field is a dance floor. His Ultimate is an actual Disco Ball that zaps people on a two second rhythm His Laser would be fleek as hell! He'd be wearing fancy white clothes with a V neck so deep you can see all of his glorious evolution trinkets And that cape design then, oof, it'd be too hot to handle! **Disco** {{champion:44}} Nothing can trump Fuzzy legwarmers Taric? Well, this might! He's already dazzling and would fit the theme all too well! Make his ultimate a descending Disco Ball and give him smaller ones as his little shoulder gems! Also, slapping people with an oversized mic, come on! **Disco** {{champion:20}} Not just a meme killer skin but one that would work well with the aesthetic as well. Think about those sick ass W's, rolling a bloody disco ball down mid! _________________________ #Country/Blues Not really a genre I dabble in personally but there are some folks out there that would enjoy those. Rugged, tough guys and gals would work really well for these kinds of skins! **Country** {{champion:104}} The gruff outlaw finally wearing a bloody cowboy hat and whatever the bloody hell of an instrument his gun would be! **Country** {{champion:4}} Come on, Malcom wouldn't form a band with anyone other than his ol' partner, eh? **Country** {{champion:21}} MF to finish up this trio! **Country** {{champion:240}} Rollin' in on Skaarl, as either a tumbleweed or an instrument of his. Also coming with benjo axe-thingie **Country** {{champion:223}} He's already got some good ol' Louisiana blues, eh? ___________________________ #HipHop/Rap A lot of people are into this genre so why not form League's own little rap group, probably fitted with the ~~edgiest~~ most badass youth there is! **HipHop** {{champion:238}} Mixtape so hot it's a free ignite, also come on, mic drop ultimate **HipHop**{{champion:245}} I feel bad for putting him here, but it'd fit! **HipHop** {{champion:555}} He'd pull off that aesthetic beautifully, no? _____________________________ #Goth/Emo I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my edgy phase everyone went through in middle and highschool, and some of that still remains to this day, but we already got one member for this band! {{champion:32}} **Emumu**! Add champions like: {{champion:266}} Funneling his angst and teen frustrations into him bashing his enemies heads in with a goddamn bass {{champion:92}} Reforging her instrument and promptly shattering it over her enemies in a wailing explosion of repressed emotional baggage {{champion:498}} As the Emo counterpart to {{champion:497}} who might work really well in a different skinline ____________________________ #Punk Rock UPSTAGE THE ESTABLISHMENT PUNK ISN'T DEAD **Punk**{{champion:119}} Throwing around drumsticks/Microphones and rockin' a killer mohawk! **Punk**{{champion:25}} Just to spite her sister, Morgana would show her that every culture has a counterculture! **Punk** {{champion:68}} Come on, a moving drumset as his mecha! _______________________________ #The Black Sheep {{champion:141}} He already got a Legendary skin but could you imagine a battle of the bands kind of skin for him? **Pentakill** RHAAST and **KDA** KAYN It'd be bloody awesome, just imagine the cool ass model for all three forms! {{champion:8}} He's the heartthrob, literally! Give him a goth rockstar skin, with him being the star of the show! ~~after he gets a bloody VGU though, has anyone looked at his ingame model recently?~~ But these are just some of my ramblings, what are the champions and music genres you'd like to see represented in league's skin lineup?
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