Performance Issues on the updated Summoner's Rift

Hey all, We're hearing some reports about players hitting performance-related issues on the updated Summoner's Rift, and we're actively investigating all possible causes. While we look under the hood for potential optimizations on our end, there's also a possibility that the updated Rift just doesn't play nice with certain setups. For those with performance issues, we'd appreciate if you could: * Update your drivers * Adjust your environmental settings (try turning some down, as the scales got recalibrated! Your 'medium' settings on the old SR might actually be closer to a 'low' on the updated Summoner's Rift - *even with the same performance*) * Disable HUD animations * Disable VSync If none of the above work, you can help us out by posting a description of the issue in this thread along with a DxDiag: >- Click the START button on the bottom left corner (default) or press the Windows Key. - Type **dxdiag** in the search box and press ENTER. - Click "Save All Information..." on the bottom right of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. - Attach the file here. We're seeing a lot of machines run the same or better on the new Summoner's Rift, but that's exactly what these staged rollouts are for - tracking down the unforeseen performance considerations and figuring them out. We'll continue to provide updates via this thread on our efforts and thanks for your patience. --- **Quick update!** Thank you all for the helping us track down these issues. We've been able to identify some potential causes of the hitching and major FPS-drop-spikes that many of you have reported. This has allowed us to make progress on a couple of improvements we believe should reduce these problems and help with overall performance. We're looking to get these out to you all in a small patch soon. We will continue to look into additional ways to improve performance further with the hope that we'll be able to roll out more optimizations in future updates. Thank you again for helping us understand these issues. I'll continue to update this thread with updates as we have 'em! --- **Our hotfix patch, sent out this morning (11/17, 9:00 AM PST), includes the improvements mentioned above. ** For those of you who are experiencing poor performance on the update to Summoner's Rift, please give playing on the new rift a try after downloading this patch. If these fixes are improving your performance or if you are still encountering issues please let us know. Thanks again for your patience and for your help in tracking down these issues.
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