DLT Precision Red LF players (All Plat team)

Hello there, My name is Stafford. I am the leader of the DLT Precision Red team(1 of many teams in DLT Precision Gaming organization). That is an organization the leader has on Discord. Basically it consists of teams and academy teams on the discord. I need players to play on my team and the team needs dedicated active players that are willing to practice daily and compete in online tournaments. This community will grow as the more teams that we make. Eventually we will have sponsors as time passes/ we win tournaments. If you would like to join my team or the discord server fill out the application below. To join my team you have to be PLATINUM. PLEASE DO NOT ADD ME OR I WILL BLOCK YOU. Fill out the application below: (This team needs every role besides mid) IGN: Role: Rank: Main Champions: Availability: Strengths: Weaknesses: Past Experiences: Do you have Discord Downloaded: If you don't work on my main team we can decide if you could join any of the other teams in the org. Hope to see you soon.

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