Winter Clan now recruiting

**WINTER CLAN** WINTER is looking for mature gamers to join our community on League of Legends. We currently sport an active player base of over 30 people and growing. Beyond LoL, we are even more interested in gamers who want to join a long-term community and engage with us over multiple games, genres and platforms. Founded in 1998, WINTER has existed as a community of friends brought together by the love of gaming. Over the years WINTER has bolstered a roster of over 500 members. We currently support an active player-base in a variety of games on both PC and Playstation ranging from MHW to League of Legends. We welcome members from all walks of life and if you are looking for an active community with a diverse player base then WINTER CLAN is the place for you. Visit our website and join our discord to learn more! If Winter seems like kind of community you're interested in, shoot me a message on League (moneyinthabank), Discord (moneyinthebank#8479), or leave a comment.

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