TFT match history, win ratio/counter, and post-game chat

I have been playing TFT along with millions of other people and despite its popularity, its integration into the client feels really poorly done. First of all, you should be able to see TFT games in your match history or at least have a separate match history for TFT games. Furthermore, in this match history, you would be able to see statistics (like in the normal game) such as how much gold you spent on leveling/rerolling, your health throughout the rounds, and what items you had on each champion. This way, when looking back at your games, you can learn from your mistakes or see what led to your success. Additionally, as in the normal post-game lobby [(as seen here)](, you should be able to see a counter how many games you have played in the form of a win-loss counter. While this system works in the regular game mode due to their being only 2 teams, it would probably be best to have a counter for your times finished in the top 4 (the cutoff for gaining LP in the upcoming ranked mode), your first-place finishes, as well as your total games played. Along with the post-game lobby counters, I feel you should be able to chat with the other players after the game. While many may have left the game already, it would be nice to communicate with others after the game has ended. For instance, you could praise an opponent, ask about a strategy, or anything of that nature. While this one is a bit harder to implement, I feel a replay feature would also improve the TFT experience. Let me know what you guys think about this and whether or not you agree with what I am proposing.
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