Typical game of TFT

Get 0 items from the first 3 stages. Get a legend or 2 to level 2 in the first 3 stages. Get a strong 40-50g economy. Spend the next 40 rounds getting curb stomped by level 3s with top tier items while dumpstering your entire economy trying desperately to get the last one or two pieces to get some level 3s or get a higher tier legend to level 2 so theyre actually useful to your team comp. Something needs to change, because the design of this game mode right now is just absolutely detestable. RNG on this level is insanely unhealthy for a game to be designed around. The more RNG that exists in a game, the more poorly designed it is at the very core of its being. Even the update to item drops (which sounds like its going to make later creep waves harder, which seems asinine) sounds like its not really going to change anything. Even with guaranteed drops on certain stages, there will still be opponents who had better luck than you so GG might as well pack it in cause that double rage blade/rapid fire vayne/draven is going to obliterate whatever team you can cobble together.

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