When you make a game based on RNG ONLY

Well, first i'm sorry about my english. I'm french, and the French forum disappeared for a shitty reason, on discord (And i bet that almost nobody goes there), SO : I have try a bit TFT, and i really like the concept, but i just don't understand why add so much RNG on this game ? I can understand a little amount of RNG, every game have RNG (IA pattern, Cards, Loot, Catch and more ...), but why play a game when everyone play the top tiers comp and than, only people who get the good champion or the good item will dominate ? That non sense ... It's like i have, every game, 3/8 to be in top 3 and gain elo, and i don't even get Exp in League of Legends so if i get top 4 after 20/30 minutes of game i really waste my time. So, i hope in future you will change that. For me, you should focus on differents things : 1) Add experience for playing in normal/ranked, because we play a long time and in fact, we got nothing for that (I understand you don't make this game for that, but for me it's just a different mode like Aram, Urf etc ... we play this game IN League of Legends and this game is also based on champion of League Of Legends) 2) Remove the most RNG you can by adding some rules like "For the first three round, you get 2 golds Round 1, A random item Round 2, Round 3 random item or gold" I really have a game with the guys versus me got two guisoo + vayne and lucian rank 2. In the second Round after my first match ! 3) Maybe add a new system for buy champ, like choice to have 5 randoms champs for free, 1 champs you already have for 1 golds but it's random, or 1 champs you already have but you choice the cards for 3 golds. That remove the part of RNG and people don't will waste 60 g for make a rank 2/3 if they are not lucky. Sorry again for my english. Kiss from France.
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