Facts about TFT that are 100% fact

* The carousel will always give the champion you need a {{item:3070}}. That champion is manaless. * Your opponent's {{champion:555}} will ult your entire team, no exception. He will also have 2 {{item:3161}}. * Your {{champion:555}} will ult into himself for no reason. * For every item not dropped by neutral mobs your opponent gets one instead. * Your {{champion:121}} will always ult {{champion:86}} as soon as he starts spinning. * Your {{champion:103}} will always ult champions outside her range. * At least 3 other players will go for the same build you're going for. * The #1 player will always have a build that counters yours. * Your {{champion:38}} will always prioritize manaless champions. * At least 3 champions on your opponent's side will survive a fight with 20 hp. What other facts about TFT that are 100% fact do you know about?
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