This gamemode is absolutely no fun and unenjoyable

Why would you call it "Team" if there is nothing in this gamemode that remotely hints towards playing with teams. Why even call it "Tactics" if literally _**EVERYTHING**_ is **RNG**! Your **Attacks are random**, your **Item-Drops are random**, your **champion purchases are random**, your **character focus is random and utterly broken**. What even is tactical about this??? This is the worst gamemode I have ever played in my entire life, and I thought games like Heartstone were RNG bs games... Atleast there you could tell your units who to attack. **All this gamemode basically is:** Get lucky with your drops, picks, spawns at begin circle, attackpatterns ect. Do the same strategy _over and over again_ cause everything else just doesn't do anything and deals no damage. Sit AFK cause you have a completely broken deck that needs no balancing cause you already had RNJesus personally come by your home and give you literally everything you have ever needed. If all you want to do is "click something and hope you get lucky", then please... **Stop playing and go play the lottery...** Chances are higher there to get your 16€ for the lottery ticket back, than ever winning one game of "~~Teamfight~~ _Tactics_"
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