Last night I faced the hardest comp of my entire tft career

So I’m in a game, doing pretty good. Almost a perfect game the entire time (96 hp by final two). I had a hyper carry vi (which is SUPER fun by the way, even tho it def wasn’t meta). She’s got rfc, shiv, and gunblade (yes I know very off meta but I like to have fun with my builds cuz running same comps on repeat is so boring). I’ve got a combo of brawler, gunslinger, hextech, & guardian for synergy. Aka beefy bois but instead of throwing everything on a jinx, I made a super strong front line with itemization to see how it works (very well, since I only lost one round by the final two). Anyway I’m not paying attention and just doing my own thing and the person who I end up facing in the final two manages to pick up two force of natures and rushes max level to put out 11 units, all with the 6 noble buff + a 2 star Kayle and all sorts of other junk. Now I’m not mad cuz like I still got second overall and it’s my own fault for not paying attention to deny spatulas or kayles etc but like... man I’ve never gone against an 11 man team before (especially with full noble buff) and it was SO BRUTAL. By the time I realized what was going on it was too late to build a morello cho or something to deal with the health regen. Anyway tldr: 11 man full noble buffed team is very hard to beat

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