How do you guys feel about permanent Grievous Wounds?

Riot Mort announced on his twitter some second round nerfs to Morello/Red Buff with a deceptionally strong twist: Grievous will only reduce healing by 80%, so a small bit of healing will go through. Damage per second will take another 33% hit right after it was dropped by 50%. BUT: 20% over 10 Seconds Duration changed to #60% over 45 Seconds ------------------------------ In other words, Once Grievous wounds is applied in TFT, the result will be for all intents and purposes of a match..... PERMANENT. _**So, even if their Morello user or Red Buff user dies, the debuff will remain on your Swain/GA/Shyvana/Shen/Braum for the remainder of the round, burning health off slowly.**_ What do you guys think of that?
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