Some balance suggestions for TFT

Hi, so I wanted to send in some ideas for how Riot should be balancing TFT. Right now, it isn't very fun to play after X amount of matches because the RNG factor is too high, and it's barely a game of skill. Once you've tried everything once, things stop feeling fresh and the RNG factor really takes a toll on you There are consistent strategies that work but only some of the time. One of the ones that come to mind is the reroll strat where you save your money and improve your economy till you hit about 40 gold, and then just buy the lowest cost characters and building as many 3 stars as you can. If you end up with a team comp somehow, then you will win in a large sweep. If you get completely unrelated characters then you will probably do okay but not win. Another thing is committing to a team comp, building towards it, and then getting destroyed by item RNG. If someone is building 4 rangers and knights comp then you should probably go assassins. But what do you do when you commit to assasins and your next few items are 3 giants belts and a chain vest? I propose to make ghost chests every monster round, and the player gets to pick one. Now the player can decide "Do I go assassins and burst them" or "do I stack frozen hearts on a low cost knight build" -- now it is a choice, but it's still random. You might not get the items for a frozen heart, but now it feels more like you had a say in the matter. I also propose a manual ascend option. For double the cost per copy, you can ascend a unit. This'll allow people to build around the units they want to, and make the game more of an ecnomy managing situation. This will spawn the choice of "Do I buy strong units early and get win streak gold, or do I invest in lose streak gold and interest at the cost of my health" Suddenly gold is now guaranteed power, and managing your economy is more important than it ever was.

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