Losing in TFT sucks cz you know it's not even your fault

Waiting to grab just 1 simple single champion shard to gain your very 1st 3 star champion, which doesn't appear for the next 30 turns til you lost? That sucks. Wishing you'd get a bunch of good items but instead got a bunch of useless gold coins & items that doesn't even suit your team comp? That sucks. Think you got settled with good teams consisting of two 2 stars and a couple of damage dealers, until you heard the gongs of that one random dude that got hit by the jackpot & gained an instant 3 star at the 9th turn? That sucks. (_Yes, this actually happened_) Hopefully I'm not the only one who gets pissed off by stuffs such as this. TFT didn't even deserved a Ranked queue thanks to their shitty randomness such as this. I mean, wasn't that the main point of why ARAM didn't get their own ranked queue?
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