OKAY so i know a million people have talked about this already but i just have to say... REMOVE, REWORK, OR NERF HEXTECH INTO THE FREAKING GROUND. it's BS, its terrible design, its unbalanced, and it removes the fun of a GAME which its only reason for existing IS TO BE FUN. i just had a game. i got second place. the first place only took 4 damage in the entirety of a game. do you want to know what the heck he could possibly have been running, the only person to run this in the game and get first with only four damage? what could it possibly freakin be??? OH YEAH FREAKING GOD DANG HEXTECH. i swear to god im not playing tft anymore until they do something about that bs "just change positions" people say. well no shit thats what you normally do, position. but guess what? he never changed position, it hit one of my characters and the AOE hit my stacked unit and i lost. okay so later i move my stacked unit, place one item on someone far to the front and one in the same place as before since i hadn't move that unit. guess what it GOD DANG HIT??? SPECIFICALLY MY STACKED UNIT. NOT EVEN THE AOE HIT IT NO IT TARGETED SPECIFICALLY MY STACKED ONE. WHY???? the previous time it hit the other unit, that unit didnt move, so why the heck did it not??? i would show screenshots and the end results of the game but y'know... there's no tft match history. okay rant aside, just rework, remove, or nerf hextech. it's really unfair, bs, unfun, too easy to complete, etc. i mean champions themselves are dogsht, they rely on items, but for 8 seconds you have no items. by late game thats enough time for 80% of your units to be dead. it's just stupid. and the previous info i talked about shows how dumb it is. so im not playing tft anymore until they do something about it. it is no coincidence that the ONLY person in the match to run hextech won almost flawlessly. it is NOT a coincidence at all... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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