Next Big Class: Ascended

Idea for TFT class: Ascended Ability: 2/4: Ascended units are immune to Crowd-control/( or if you get all 4) To all debuffs Debuffs would be things like: Burns, Mana Lock, Disarm. (Note they aren’t immune to item damage, just the debuff) Shurima based, you would have: Amumu: Yordle, Ascended: 5 cost Ability: Bandage Toss stuns 1 unit then, ults into 2 hex radius (low damage, but) shredding armor and magic resist,( and maybe rooting enemies) Nasus: Wild, Ascended: 1 cost Ability: low mana low damage Q, but every time he uses it increased damage Renekton: Wild, Ascended: 3 cost Ability: Dashes in, 1 hex AOE damage and heals, dashes back Xerath: Demon?, Ascended, Sorcerer: 4 cost Ability: fires a W onto the farthest target in auto range main damage on 1 unit, but with 1 hex splash damage. This wouldn’t be super overpowered as for full debug immunity, they need a 5 cost unit. make a fun addition, and, only Ascended units would be immune. This would also try to be a counter towards the ever popular Cho’gath, and Sejauni I imagine running Wild, Yordles with this
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