Fix this stupid mode

How the fuck did you manage to bring ranked out for the mode yet, when you still havent balanced the game to a fair enough level for every one. Its a fucking a joke at this point getting out classed because some other shitty player has managed to waste less gold on champs they need, then end up get also the items for that champ. I've played serval game's where i haven't manged to get a level 3 champ yet i've owned 8/9 for most of the game. Like oh look the enemy manged to role on a level 3 pyke with 2 fucking SOJ. How the fuck are there 29 vayne's in one game yet i can't mange to role on one more tris to make level 3. How the fuck is some one allowed to have 2-3 level 3's while you're still trying to role and level 1 champ to make a level 2. Fix your shitty rng riot.
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